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Are you in a tough season? Do you wonder what God is doing?
I created Comfort for Dark Days just for you! It's a 7-part online Bible study you can complete in just one week, complete with video teaching, worship music, printable workbook and original artwork.

It will give you 
deep encouragement, show you insights in scripture you’ve never seen before, and help you reconnect with God in a meaningful way.

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Hi there!
I’m Lori Smith, author of several books, Jane Austen expert, woman of faith, and Lyme disease survivor.

My mission is to help Christians in the midst of painful seasons find comfort in God's love and truth. I pray you'll be heartily encouraged here!

Twenty-plus years ago, I worked a demanding more-than-full-time job, wrote in the evenings and on weekends, took ballet a couple times a week, went on backpacking trips, volunteered with my church, and had an active social life.

Then I got very sick.

Six years later, I finally got a diagnosis: Lyme disease, with multiple co-infections.
It’s a long story and there’s been a lot of healing, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that Lyme took away almost everything — my ability to work, to provide for myself, to use my gifts in ministry, to have a social life, and at times even to do the basics to take care of myself.

These challenges continue today, so that at times I feel as though my life is largely unlived — because often it’s all I can do to survive from day to day.

There’s been so much darkness. Deep depression. Grief. Lament. Intense conversations with God.

And deep, hard-won comfort.

Through these 20-plus years, I've had so many questions; my faith has been essentially torn down and rebuilt in the midst of all this pain.

All of my writing and teaching now comes out of these experiences. From living with deep pain, wondering what God is doing, delving back into Scripture to try to understand. From experiencing His grace at the bottom of the pit.

I’m hopeful that my experience will help you see God’s love, presence, and goodness in the midst of the darkness — and will give you some holy comfort along the way.
This year I'm writing a series of essays on God's presence in our pain, and finding comfort in Him in the midst of our darkest experiences.

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I pray they deeply encourage you.

These may eventually be worked into a book. You'll be able to say you read them first!

You'll also receive other news from time to time and announcements about my online Bible studies as they become available.
My Books
A Walk With Jane Austen (2007)
Publishers Weekly starred review.
Also available in the UK.
The Single Truth (2002)
Also available in Mandarin.
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