Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing

Monday, July 9 – Capital Christian Writers – Fairfax, VA – 7-9 PM – “The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing”

Have you been thinking about publishing?  Wondering whether — and how — to self-publish?  What are the advantages of traditional publishing?  Come out for a presentation and discussion.  I’ll be speaking and sharing some self-publishing resources.

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  1. Lori – Thanks for all the information last night. It was helpful – and daunting – all at the same time.

    We have a mutual acquaintance in Gina – she attended the church where I was on pastoral staff here in NoVA.

    I wanted to ask (but we ran out of time) what you learned when you started doing publicity, especially how you set up your web site. It’s very well done.


    PS Do you have a LinkedIn profile? I couldn’t find you there.

    1. Thanks, Alan — really enjoyed being able to speak last night. The world of publishing is daunting! I know many people at Immanuel, so I’m sure we have a number of mutual friends.

      Publicity is equally as daunting as publishing, but also lots of fun. Travis McSherley did my site for me (, although I have a background in web stuff, so I was able to do a little myself. But Travis is great, and he could take care of whatever you need.

      For the rest of publicity stuff, I’ve not yet read Michael Hyatt’s book (Platform), but I’m sure that’s a great place to start.

      I’m not on LinkedIn — it’s the one social media thing I’ve avoided so far.



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