Pride and Prejudice for toddlers

Okay, people, it’s gone too far.

Apparently, this is a counting book.  As in, “2 rich gentlemen, 3 houses, 4 marriage proposals.”  The same company also does Jane Eyre and Romeo & Juliet for toddlers.  (How does Romeo & Juliet end?  “2 suicides”?  Ack!  Not for toddlers!)

Am I crazy?  Because the book seems to be selling well on Amazon, so apparently lots of people love the idea.

Thanks to my friend Catherine for sending me this.

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  1. I rather think this book is adorable. I got it and the Jane Eyre one for a lit-loving friend who recently had her first child and they LOVED them. The illustrations and counting pages are a bit cheeky for those who’ve read the originals, but it works for me (at least so far, ha!).

    1. Thanks, Ruth! Maybe I will warm up to the idea… Glad your friend is enjoying them! Just imagining Jane Eyre . . . “1 crazy wife in the attic, 2 blind eyes.” 😉

  2. The P&P one is HILARIOUS, well worth a read-through if you come across a copy. The Jane Eyre one is cute but not as laugh-out-loud funny (I remember a page of 5 slates…why that sticks out in my mind I have NO idea!).

    1. I’ll look for it! Okay, maybe I’ll have to order it for my Austen “research.”

      1. And you know part of me is just frustrated that I didn’t think of the idea myself!

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