On peonies and praise

I’m often overwhelmed by the beauty and detail of the world God created. (I know not everyone who follows this blog is a Christian, but my faith is such a big part of my life and I hope to write more about it here.)


I’m moved to awe and wonder by the smallest things — the almost neon green shoots of leaves coming out of bare branches in the spring, a hover of bees over summer flowers, the surreal pastel glow of twilight, the frantic joy of a puppy.  Food usually gets me too: the gorgeousness of a summer peach or tomato, the piney scent of rosemary, the lovely tart jolt of lime. 


I remember one day, with dear friends (we all get together once a year at the beach, these sweet friends who are such a gift to me), sitting in the hot tub together and talking about all that teeming life under the ocean that we couldn’t even see.  I asked, “Why did God create all that?” And Beth replied without skipping a beat, “It gives Him joy.”

peonies5I believe it does, and that these small things — from the ruffles of a peony to the fragrant scent of cardamom — tell the story of a God who loves beauty, who crafts things carefully, who pays attention to the tiniest details, and — in my humble opinion — loves good food!  So He’s given us these astounding gifts.

peony2This week these delicate peonies moved me to praise.



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  1. Those are beautiful (flowers & reminder of God’s word) Lori! I pinned this to remind me. I really needed to be reminded of His love right now. Thanks.

  2. They are so very gorgeous…sometimes we pass them by without really marveling. Thanks for making me stop and “smell the peonies”.

  3. Thank you, Lori. Your photographs capture the incomparable beauty of God’s creation. The fragrance of peonies is one of my favorites. Isn’t God wonderful that even those who can’t see can still enjoy His creation?

  4. I was delighted to see your post in my inbox! I stopped to smell the roses (peonies) along the way while reading your blog today. I’ve been in bed all day today. Lyme does that to one, as you well know. But I still got to imagine the experience through your words.

    1. I’m so sorry, Karen – I got behind on blog stuff. Loved seeing your comment! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been flat on your back. I know the treatment is so hard. Hoping you’ve gotten a lift in these last few weeks!

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