Lucketts antique finds

One of the great joys of beginning to feel better is getting to do some of the things that have been on my wish list for years.  Recently I got to go to a local Jane Austen Society event to hear my friend Juliette Wells speak; I went to see the Washington Ballet at the Kennedy Center with my dear friend Catherine (her niece was a bumblebee!); and in May I got to go to the Spring Market at the Old Lucketts Store. Truth is, I was pretty giddy about that.  Bunches of antique vendors in a little town in the Virginia countryside?  Bliss!

For those of you who aren’t local to northern Virginia, the Old Lucketts Store is a wonderful antique shop, with bunches of vendors and a Design House that they redesign and redecorate almost every month.  For the Spring Market they spread out on their large property and bring in vendors from near and far, including Marian from Miss Mustard Seed. (I’m in love with her blog, and couldn’t wait to meet her.)

I wasn’t able to get there til the afternoon, and lots of stuff was gone, but it was still lovely.

 P1010075 This is from the front porch of the Design House.

P1010076Aren’t those doors gorgeous?

P1010080Love this outdoor day bed.

P1010081And I fell hard for this sweet little buffet.  I would prefer to buy my pieces old and messy and paint them myself, but I took this one home with me, hoping it would work as a TV stand.

P1010083And I did get to meet Marian!  Not the best pic of me (ooh, that hair cut was too short!), but how cute is she?  Her booth was pretty well picked over, but I bought some lavender and she was giving away Frog Tape, which I can’t wait to try.

P1010084I also loved this booth with old tin ceiling tiles and letters made from them.

P1010085Took one of these home with me, too, which has yet to find a spot. I think it will end up in my bedroom.

P1010094I’m so happy with the lovely blue buffet! I still need to drill a hole in the back for cords (and find a way to hide them…).

P1010090I’m so thankful I was able to do this! Such a gift.

I’m hoping this will be the first of many home design posts. After so many years of illness, the tiny townhouse is in need of work, and there are bunches of projects I’ve been dreaming of.


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