Just posted this over at AustenQuotes, but wanted to share here, too.  For all the Matthew Macfadyen fans out there.

To be fair, this is not a saying Jane Austen came up with, but one that was in use already, and one she used jokingly in a letter to her sister about their neighbor, James Digweed.

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  1. OK, I love Matthew Macfadyen as Darcy and agree with the comment. But I was introduced to Darcy by Colin Firth and I apply the same to him, as Darcy, I mean. His character was brittle at first and the books, media, etc., have done a good job of showing that. But after his humbling is becoming a way of life for him among people he does not usually associate with, he becomes more handsome than ever. That’s what strikes me about him. Not his money or Pemberley, though they would be a good inducement! But HE becomes truly handsome for involving himself in the sordid Lydia/Wickham situation. And for him to not want Elizabeth to know about it, lest she accept him out of gratitude rather than love, is very admirable and a great show of the changes his character has made. Whichever format you see Darcy in, he becomes more pleasing to look at than ever before. Now I want to break out my 1995 BBC P & P to watch!

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