Blog tour: Review at Austenprose

Laurel Ann posted a lovely review on her blog, Austenprose, this morning.  I was thrilled to read it — and completely understand her skepticism about self-help books.

I never feel more like Lydia Bennet when someone recommends a self-help book to me. Remember in Pride and Prejudice when Mr. Collins reads from Fordyce’s Sermons and she gaped in horror? I can totally relate. I deplore being preached to and am quite the skeptic. Even though I opened this book with grave trepidation, I was soon won over by the author’s knowledge of Jane Austen and her upbeat, approachable style. Each chapter is well researched offering topics and examples from the novels that modern readers can relate to. My favorite chapter was the last: Austen’s Ethos. read more

Austenprose is a treasure with all kinds of information about any literature related to Austen.  I don’t know how Laurel Ann does it all along with her day job of selling books to the masses.  Spend some time there if you haven’t yet.

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