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Blog tour: Review and giveaway at AtticGirl.com

Shelly Dixon is hosting a giveaway on her blog, AtticGirl.com. Lots of great stuff there for moms!  Eight more days to enter the giveaway.

She posted a sweet review as well:

Lori has a gift with words; reading them is like sitting down and having a conversation with your best friend. (read more)

And allowed me to guest blog about Jane Austen’s Fresh Perspective:

In her writing, she loved to skewer the ridiculous, to isolate and display the character flaws of people at every level of society—the bombastic nature of Pride and Prejudice’s Lady Catherine de Bourgh, the faithless grasping of Northanger Abbey’s Isabella Thorpe, even the vanity of her dear Elizabeth Bennet.  Which is why, if she were here today, she just might rejoice at the sheer amount of absurd behavior on display. (read more)

So check out Shelly’s blog and enter to win a free book!

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