Blog tour: Interview at Jane Austen’s World

Over the weekend, Vic posted an interview on her lovely blog about The Jane Austen Guide to Life:

What were your reasons for writing this book as your follow up to A Walk With Jane Austen?

You know, I didn’t expect to write another Jane Austen book, so this book, which was actually my editor’s idea initially, came as a great gift and a surprise. It covers some of the same material as A Walk with Jane, but from a completely different viewpoint. While A Walk with Jane was so deeply personal and so much about my journey, this book steps back and looks at how Austen would advise women today if she could. I took everything we know about her life and all the wonderful stories she gave us, and tried to ferret out how she might guide us today.  Read more

The rest of the interview covers why people would want to take advice from a 19th century country spinster, what about today’s society would scandalize Austen the most, and what advice meant the most to me personally.  Read the whole thing, and while you’re there, spend some time with the wealth of material Vic has compiled at her blog.  Great stuff.

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