Auntie Lulu

I love being an aunt.

Because I still need to rest a good bit, I’m continually making choices about how to spend my time — and many things just don’t happen.  So bike ride or walk the dog?  (The dog usually wins.)  Grocery store or work?  (Usually grocery store.)  Clean the kitchen or blog?  (Usually blog.)

Last Friday, I chose this:


We went to tea at the American Girl Store (so exciting!).

Saw lots of baby animals at the farm.

Wrote “stories.”  (Starting her young.)

And painted her nails with 16 different colors.

I’m so very, very thankful to have the energy to be able to do this.  Sweet fun.

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  1. Hello!

    I found the article, How Jane Austen’s Spiritual Wisdom Can Guide Today’s Women, on, and since I recently started my blog with reference to Jane Austen, I just fell in love! So glad to find a fellow Jane lover, and have really enjoyed getting to know you through your writing. Here’s to hoping you have a fabulous day!

    1. Thanks so much, Libby! I wish you every success with your blog and your writing!

  2. Lovely post! Are you familiar with The Spoon Theory? It is the best explanation to others about how it feels to have Lupus, Lyme, or any disease or condition that exhausts you. I think the website is (Try org or any other ending.) I bought the bumper sticker.

    I’m so glad that you had the energy to spend special time with your niece.

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