Praise for The Jane Austen Guide to Life:

Jane Austen has been my life coach since I first discovered Pride and Prejudice thirty years ago. After reading Lori Smith’s lovely The Jane Austen Guide to Life,
I now understand why. Part Austen biography, how-to-guide, and all heart, this engaging book will sensibly explain the mysteries of relationships, life,
and love that Jane Austen so excelled in on the page and in her own life. — Laurel Ann Nattress, editor, Jane Austen Made Me Do It and

Highly engaging. . . . Lori consults Jane Austen’s novels and letters and allows the author’s sparkling wit, straight moral compass, and wise words to guide us in the 21st century. At times I could almost hear Jane speaking directly to me. — Vic Sanborn, Jane Austen’s World blog

Smith mines Austen and finds gold.World Magazine

. . . it’s brimming with charming philosophy, poignant words of advice and witty guidance from an old friend. Smith speaks sister-to-sister, and it’s her enchanting way of communicating that makes her a trusted companion, alongside Austen. —

Lori has a gift with words; reading them is like sitting down and having a conversation with your best friend. — Shelly Dixon,

Praise for A Walk with Jane Austen:

It is the author’s passionate connection to ‘Jane’—the affinity she feels and her imaginings of Austen’s inner life—that bring Austen to life in ways no conventional biographer could. — Publishers Weekly starred review

A Walk With Jane Austen makes for that rare book which keeps popping into one’s thoughts and beckoning one back. — Tamara Leigh, author of Restless in Carolina

I loved this book. In fact, I suspect if Jane Austen were able to read it, she would give it her seal of approval.Jane Austen’s World

A lovely, intimate read. — Karen Joy Fowler, author of The Jane Austen Book Club

A welcoming read. Lyrical and questioning . . . perfectly pitched. — Emma Campbell Webster, author of Lost in Austen

A likable and vulnerable true-life memoir . . . a moving and well-written

A Walk with Jane Austen is a jewel. It combines genres—a bit of spiritual memoir, travel diary, and examination of Austen’s life and work—to raise questions about grace, romance, family, community, and calling. — World Magazine

For anyone who wishes chick-lit favorite Jane Austen had written just one more novel or that moviemakers would hurry in producing another adaptation of her beloved works, this memoir of love and travel, food and faith will satisfy. . . .  Austen’s 19th-century novels come alive in ways no silver-screen rendition has ever accomplished. — Today’s Christian Woman

With deep and sometimes heartwrenching honesty, Lori Smith weaves her story and Jane’s together into a wholly unique narrative. — Gina Dalfonzo, writer and editor of The Point

Praise for The Single Truth:

Her advice is practical, challenging, and encouraging. An excellent addition to the body of Christian work about the single life.CCM Magazine

This book rocks! If you’re struggling with being single, you need to read this book. — Ben Young, pastor and author of The One: A Realistic Guide to Choosing Your Soul Mate