I’m often overwhelmed by the beauty and detail of the world God created. (I know not everyone who follows this blog is a Christian, but my faith is such a big part of my life and I hope to write more about it here.)


I’m moved to awe and wonder by the smallest things — the almost neon green shoots of leaves coming out of bare branches in the spring, a hover of bees over summer flowers, the surreal pastel glow of twilight, the frantic joy of a puppy.  Food usually gets me too: the gorgeousness of a summer peach or tomato, the piney scent of rosemary, the lovely tart jolt of lime. 


I remember one day, with dear friends (we all get together once a year at the beach, these sweet friends who are such a gift to me), sitting in the hot tub together and talking about all that teeming life under the ocean that we couldn’t even see.  I asked, “Why did God create all that?” And Beth replied without skipping a beat, “It gives Him joy.”

peonies5I believe it does, and that these small things — from the ruffles of a peony to the fragrant scent of cardamom — tell the story of a God who loves beauty, who crafts things carefully, who pays attention to the tiniest details, and — in my humble opinion — loves good food!  So He’s given us these astounding gifts.

peony2This week these delicate peonies moved me to praise.