So the official release day for The Jane Austen Guide to Life is here!  Excited to see this baby go out into the world.  This day has come faster than I thought it would.

Amazon’s actually been shipping for a couple of weeks, and some bookstores may not yet have the title on shelves (sometimes it takes a little longer), but officially, the book is “real” now.  Kindle and Nook versions aren’t yet available, but I’m hoping they will be soon. Just waiting, at this point, for Amazon and B&N to process those files.

Yesterday I stopped by Barnes & Noble in Fairfax, by Fair Oaks Mall.  They had the book, and I was thrilled to discover that it will be placed on the front “New Release” table. (Sad truth — publishers pay for that kind of placement.) They went ahead and put them out a day early, after I signed them.  I’m thrilled!  Took these pics on my little phone.

As a writer, I can’t tell you how much it means to have a publisher invest to get your book this kind of placement. The reality is that often bookstores get one copy of your book and it gets shelved somewhere in the back.  Seeing it up front made me feel like I needed someone to pinch me.

This morning I went to the Barnes & Noble in Reston, and there it was, right in the front of the store!  Signed those copies, too, and got the sales guy to take a cheesy pic.

Came home to a delivery of these gorgeous flowers from mom and dad.

Now crossing fingers and toes and praying these books sell!